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Picasso redesigns Flocations – The new look in Travel


Hello Fellow Travellers,

The Flocations team is very excited to announce the launch of Picasso!

Picasso is the culmination of several graphical enhancements to enhance the user experience of how leisure travellers plan and book travel. Our initial hypothesis was that leisure travellers want a better user experience since the core interactivity on a travel site hasn’t changed for the last 15 years. Online travel agencies such as Expedia and Zuji have used an outdated search-by-destination experience to let users search for their next trip. This is fine for business travellers, who know where and when they need to go, but leisure travellers travel differently and should be able to search differently. Unfortunately, leisure travellers begrudgingly use the same system of search as business travellers.

What Flocations does is create a new paradigm for travellers: instead of doing search-by-destination we let users browse-by-price. This new category allows the freedom to have a very unique user experience that is both fun, fast to use, affordable and maintains a high level of user engagement to make planning as fun as actually taking a trip. 


You don’t have to do anything to access Picasso. It is now fully part of www.flocations.com. What did change?

  1. Aesthetics with nicer colours :) – No more Halloween colours! The reality is we have put in a lot of time to fine tune how the map visually represents data.
  2. Interactivity – we have changed our price slider to be dynamic so all of the destinations render in real time with visual representation of how close they are to your budget – no longer an on/off toggle if it’s in your price range. This really creates a fun element for the user to be able to interact with a travel site and it responds to your input in real time. Try doing that with Expedia, it will kick you back to the “thinking” screen.
  3. Picture Wall – once you click on a destination you will be presented with a wall of pictures. A big demand with our original prototype was to have more information about destinations. Right now we only feature some high quality pictures so people get an emotional connection with the destination immediately. However, we want to take it a step further: we plan to integrate your friends’ pictures that have been to that location, have hotels within your price range (price slider once more), activities you can do and book, snippets of information, special events, etc. – it will be your personalized travel magazine.
  4. Bucket List – We will add the ability to save destinations. Since we give people a plethora of new travel opportunities, we want to add them to their “bucket list” or “wishlist”. You can then not only share these with your friends to make planning easier, but we’re also going to be monitoring your preferences and warn you of any price drops with a personalized email.


Planning should be as fun as actually going on the trip. Unfortunately, it’s not. People get a lot of joy in daydreaming about their next getaway and actually being on that getaway. However, between those two there is a huge dip; planning and booking. We want to fill that gap with an excellent user experience and this is the reason Flocations is being built; to bring the joy back into planning and booking!

Hope you enjoy the new version and there’s plenty more to come.

If you want to reach out to us, we encourage you: [email protected] !

The Team