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Flocations on BBC!

WOWOWOWOW!!!! Flocations made their way onto the BBC! Great news for us… wish we had a few more airlines to offer travellers in SEA but fear not! We are diligently working on attaining the best quality data for our users!

Edit:  Apologies for the latency on the site, we didn’t realize this would generate so much traffic so our servers took a bit of a nose-dive.  All is well now.

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Six myths of air travel search on the web


Great article on the travel myths. Well actually, it’s an article about what’s wrong with the travel industry and why, in the last 15 years, it still hasn’t innovated nor solved significant problems which all are related to one thing: user trust. How do you acquire a user’s trust so he can constantly come back and use your travel service and be presented with quality results each time he visits? Afterall, travel customers are fickle and will use several sites to find their best prices (I know I do) since all sites, regardless if you are hipmunk or google, will give you inconsistent prices or irrelevant prices.

Although the ways of solving it, as the article looks at it has been tried to solve via UI, such as hipmunk and powerful search, such as Google, that’s all it offers. Are these the only two variables in solving the user trust issues?

So here’s where Flocations comes in; although we try to innovate on both the UI and Search, as these are of utmost importance, we innovate on something that is not mentioned in the article; target market.

Unlike the big fish and little fish that are trying to swim in the ocean, Flocations wants to stick to our comfortable little pond. That is, we make it quite clear that we are NOT the place to go to for international travel. We strictly concentrate on regional travel. Making this apparent, we already start segmenting ourselves away from people that:
1. Know where they are going
2. want international travel
Which leaves us the small niche market of “people that want to travel nearby for vacation”. This means, that we build a product specific to the people that want to do this and there are certain consistent attributes that people wanting to do nearby travel have (such as the affinity towards lowcost carriers, hence, FLocations will never include legacy carriers). In other words, we know exactly what our users want because of the tiny niche we are trying to cater to and therefore, we can gain user trust faster than any other player simply because we pinpoint our clinetelle.

So coming back to solivng the user trust issue, Flocations solves this by adding one more elemnt aside from just UI and Search, but we segragate ourselves to one niche market and do it well.

Watch This Space | Airbnb Case Study

When Airbnb created a community marketplace for people to post, browse, and book unique accommodations around the world, it revolutionized the travel industry. To acquire customers for its unique marketplace, Airbnb needed to reach and educate users about how the service worked, and scale it globally.

Pretty nice case study that google put out about how AirBnb grew their transactions from 800,000 to 2Million through a campaign of education and re-education since AirBNB model was so revolutionary.

Since Flocaitons does a few things out of the ordinary when it comes to travel, there is a small learning curve for the user. Or I should say there is a hurdle; the user usually gets shocked by how our site is presented as they are used to the old text-based origin/destination input methodology. I suppose our challenge is to get them comfortable with the new interface straight away. Ah, the challenges of trying something new.


Ex-Googlers Launch Mobile Travel Guide To Kill Lonely Planet; Raise Funding From Chris Sacca & More

Simply put, Triposo is based on the simple idea that travel guides can be designed in the same way that Google based its aggregation and search on some kick ass algorithms. And a little bit of indexing and semantic icing to boot.

Very cool idea about aggregating trip data. I guess this is another layer into the mapping/travel cake. Book with Flocations then plan with Triposo, not bad!

Priceline CEO says Google efforts ‘under a cloud’

Priceline CEO Jeffery Boyd noted during remarks made at a technology conference in New York that recent Google efforts such as its “Hotel Finder” site, which delivers local hotel rates and availability, have signaled greater interest in online travel services.

It’s a scary thing to think that Google will be joining in on the travel vertical. Especially since they make so much cash on ITA and advertising from other travel sites (Expedia’s marketing spend is about 2.5B yearly and a lot of that goes to Google). Either way, it’s a very exciting time right now for the travel industry as it’s consistently growing and there are some scrappy little companies coming out of the woodwork trying to score a piece…


Insights into online travel search by Google

Consumers spend a lot of time online on the orientation process, and an interesting question is whether they find what they are looking for in the dreaming and researching stages. Do Travel websites provide a good consumer experience by showing inventory instead of providing inspiration?

Yes! Yes, yes, yes! This is what Flocations is about! In this article some natives from the land of google explain that there is still a massive amount of innovation that is required in the dreaming/planning phase when planning a vacation. For Flocations, this is very important for us and this is the core of where we really want to innovate. Looks like we’re on the right track!