Hawker center foods for Indian


When I came to Singapore 6 years back, I had no clue what to eat, cos everything looked like alien to me. After sometime, i liked many food items and I suggested the same to my friends many of them liked it too. So thought of sharing the same as blog post.

On my first day in Singapore, I was not even able to enter the hawkers center. Because the smell is mixtures of all the different food items, which I was not used to it. After a week, I got adjusted to the smell. After that, I started my adventures with local food. Let me first tell you about my perception about different cuisines and then about different specific food items that I like.

Singapore is also famous for food. You have so many different cuisines to try out in Singapore, mainly, chinese, malay, indonesian, thai, western etc. The malay, indonesian, and thai food will be more close in taste to indian food. But in case chinese cuisine, it is much different than Indian cuisine. The main difference is, In Indian food, You will be tasting the spices rather than actual meat, but in Chinese food, you will be tasting the actual meat taste. 

Btw. For many foods, you need to take soya sauce and chilly mix. So you can add more spice to your food.

IMO the following food items resemble the indian food items. So you won’t be having surprises.

  • Thai food – red curry/ green curry/ , Pineapple fried rice, basil leaves rice, olive fried rice.
  • Chinese food – Fried fish soup, fried bee hoon, carrot cake [ Carrot cake - Initially, I thought it is made of carrot, but the white color of carrot cake confused me. But later, google uncle clarified me that the ingredient is  radish not the carrot.  ].
  • Malay food – Nasi lemak [especially punggol nasi lemak], ayam penyet.
  • Dessert, especially, ice kachang, bubur hitam, Bubur Cha Cha.
  • Local Snacks: tutu cake, old chang kee curry puff, pie kia .

If you like the above, then you can try the following too.

  • Chinese food – Chicken rice [esp. Hainanese chicken rice], duck rice, sliced fish soup [esp. piao ji fish soup @amoy street], porridge [esp zhen zhen chicken porridge @maxwell market], fried prawn mee
  • Korean food – BBQ saba fish set.

Btw, you water wont be served with food :-( , you need to purchase water though. But for some chinese/korean food, it will be served with soups. 

Btw, I have listed down the food items, whatever I can remember, there are many delicious food items other than these. 

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