A few tips for visiting Jakarta

Being just back from Jakarta, I want to share some information about the costs to consider to help you plan your trip there. Any question is welcome by comment on this post, email [email protected] or twitter @flocations.

- Flight ticket: I found a round trip flight for S$124 with JetStar (incl. S$16 credit card fee). Search for flights Singapore to Jakarta to find the latest price.

- Taxes: S$54

Indonesian Visa on Arrival: S$33 (paid USD 25). Foreigners from many countries can obtain a 30 days visa on arrival at the airport for USD 25 (should you pay in IDR, it will be 250,000, ie USD 27 at today’s exchange rate). The list of countries for which visa on arrival is available is on the Indonesian Immigration Office website.

Jakarta airport tax on international departure: S$21 (IDR 150,000). Jakarta airport is unfortunately one of those who charge an additional tax directly from travellers when they are leaving.

- Airport transport: S$20

Airport to city: There is a convenient bus service, named DAMRI, available at the airport. For CBD area, the one going to Gambir brings you close to the National Monument in around 1 hour for IDR 20,000 (ie. S$3).
To go to the airport, I rode a cab from Grand Indonesia mall, in the CBD, for around 120,000 (including two toll roads for 7,000 and 5,000) and just 1h, on a monday at 4.30pm.

- SIM Card: S$7

If you want to have a local phone, SIM Cards are cheap and easy to buy (no need of an ID Card or whatever, just to pay the price of the SIM). I did the mistake of buying it at the airport, hence paying IDR 50,000, while buying it once in the city should save around 30,000. Local texts are then around IDR 200, while international ones cost around 500.


Travel tips and entry requirements from Foreign Affair Government Offices:
For British passport holders.
For US passport holders or from the embassy.
For French passport holders.

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