Watch This Space | Airbnb Case Study

When Airbnb created a community marketplace for people to post, browse, and book unique accommodations around the world, it revolutionized the travel industry. To acquire customers for its unique marketplace, Airbnb needed to reach and educate users about how the service worked, and scale it globally.

Pretty nice case study that google put out about how AirBnb grew their transactions from 800,000 to 2Million through a campaign of education and re-education since AirBNB model was so revolutionary.

Since Flocaitons does a few things out of the ordinary when it comes to travel, there is a small learning curve for the user. Or I should say there is a hurdle; the user usually gets shocked by how our site is presented as they are used to the old text-based origin/destination input methodology. I suppose our challenge is to get them comfortable with the new interface straight away. Ah, the challenges of trying something new.


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