Exploring The Unspoiled Beaches In Bali

Bali is probably the most popular tourist destination in Indonesia. Called as the Island of The Gods, Bali has become a favorite for many local and foreign tourists. For them, Sanur and Kuta Beaches are the main tourist destinations in Bali. Therefore, there are many holiday packages for beach tour in Bali Island. But if you want to get a new experience in beach tour, there are the unknown beaches such Balangan Beach, Amed Beach, Perasi Beach, Ungasan Beach, and Dream Beach will give the new sensations of natural beach beauty in Bali.

Balangan Beach

Far in the south of Bali, Balangan Beach presents a broad view of the Indian Ocean. Clean white sand spreads as far as 200 meters mingling with the blue waves which will accompany the beach visitors. On this beach, located in Ungasan Village, Uluwatu, tourists can do sunbathing and surfing for enjoying the moments. Getting bored with the beach and the waves? Tourists could rush to the Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue which is 5 minute drive, or go to Uluwatu Temple which is 20 minutes away only.

Dreamland Beach

Still in ​​Uluwatu, Bali, there is a beach smaller than Balangan, which seems to charm the surfers, too. Dreamland Beach with the white sand as along as 100 metres has the stunning rock cliffs. This beach, located in Pecatu Graha area, has the big waves the surfers always seek for. New Kuta Golf that is near this beach can also give you the international golfing experience.

Ungasan Beach

Another beach that is free from the hustle and bustle of people is Ungasan Beach. Also located in the southern island of Bali, Ungasan Beach has the exceptional sea potential for tourism. The perfect blend of white sand and clear crystal-like sea  in Ungasan can make anyone who visits this beach would love to swim and play in its clear water. Being on the beach and enjoying the sunshine also becomes favorite activities here. Do not worry, for those of you who do not want being exposed to the sunlight, can use the available facilities such umbrellas and benches to get relaxed.

Perasi Beach

Moving to East Bali, Perasi Beach becomes the fourth candidate worth to visit as a potential beach that has less visitors. Located in Karangasem regency, this beach can be reached within one hour and a half from Denpasar. Perasi Beach has a unique name; the Virgin Beach, for its character that is calm, quiet, and full of white sand. The most interesting part on this beach is the biggest temptation for swimming. The waves, rushing into each others, attract the tourists to dance along this beautiful beach..

Amed Beach

Still in East Bali, Amed Beach comes with all the amazing attractiveness ranging from quiet atmosphere, clean area, and clear crystal-like sea. Located in Amed Village, Amed coast has the corals where there are many different kinds of colorful fish within. Amed Beach is also the chosen location for snorkeling lovers, where you can directly go fun snorkeling without the need to hire a boat. Make sure this beach included in the list of your vacation packages!

The ease of reaching the beaches you can get through our holiday packages. You may choose from the various packages here and prepare yourself to get a different experience while exploring the beautiful and natural beaches above.

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Fun Things To Do For Free In London

Traveling to London is an excellent choice for holiday. Whether traveling alone with backpacker style or going with family, London provides a large number of very attractive tourist site. As one of the major cities in UK, a developed country, London very greatly appreciates the knowledges which can give the positive impacts for humanity. Therefore, the government of London maintains so many museums which can be visited for free. Utilizing these free-entrance museums, the knowledge tour for tourists who are visiting London is a kind of advantage. For those of you who want to travel economically, Flocations Singapore recommend the following places you should visit for optmizing the cheap holiday in London.

Walking Among Dinosaurs At The Natural History Museum

The first appropriate museum to visit is Natural History Museum. Located on Cromwell Road, just a few blocks away from Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park, this museum which is functioned also as a research institution, has been established since 1881. Entering the front door, you will be welcomed by the large Diplodocus skeleton which fills almost the half of museum’s lobby room. Walking further, the various statues and pre-historic animal fossils will greet your holiday in this museum. Various animal and plant species from the past to the present time are also well kept neatly. The free entrance fee with so much knowledge to have would become such special profits.

Learning Fun Things In Science Museum

Nature and technology should become aligned. Science Museum keeps a variety of information about the development of contemporary science. This second free entrance museum consists of 7 floors that contain a variety of science and technology objects informations which are exhibited. The fun things, there are also an Apollo 10 cockpit module and a flying simulation engine that can be tried by the visitors there.

Making A Sand Castle At The V&A Museum Of Childhood

From dinosaurs and technology, tourists can now go to the Victoria & Albert Museum. This unique museum seems dedicated for the children, for there is a large amount of toys from different parts of the world since 1872. On the second floor, the visitors can enjoy a variety of exhibitions that involve these unique toys. And it is not impossible if you can have fun making sand castles in this museum.

Enjoying Art Literature At The British Library

Satisfied visiting the free museums but useful in increasing the knowledge, now it is time to make a visit to the British Library which will amaze the tourists. Although informally called as a museum, technically the British Library has the collections which are as old as the other museums in London. This library saves 150 million books, and every year there is an increase of 3 million new books from any publishing houses in the entire UK and Ireland. Many kinds of books sought by the  tourists, ranging from Shakespeare’s works to Magna Charta, all of them are available here. For book monsters like you, this place is such a heaven.

Spending A Day At Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

Still classified as a tourist site with a free entrance fee, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park is the perfect place to get relaxed after the whole day visiting museums in London. Fresh green grass become a comfortable place to rest and unwind. Besides, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park which was newly renovated in 2012, now has a cafe and a range of facilities such as the Aquatic Centre – for swimming and diving, Velo Park – for those who are BMX, road track, and mountain bike lovers, and also the playground for children.

What do you think? Can not wait to prepare a holiday to London? For more complete tour packages to London, Flocations Singapore provides several options you can choose. Choose your tour package here and get ready to pack your bags and fly to London!

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Enjoying The Other Side Of Japan In Hokkaido

Have you ever dreamed of traveling to Japan? Known as the country of Sakura, it has natural attractions and extraordinary culture. The four major islands in Japan save a million tourist attractions, especially Hokkaido Island. As one of the four major islands of Japan, Hokkaido offers many more valuable tour packages for tourists. While visiting Hokkaido, there are some must places to visit: Sapporo, Noboribetsu, and Mount Usu (Mt. Usu). Check out our reviews of these three very interesting places we recommend you to visit while having holiday in Hokkaido.

Sapporo City

Local and foreign tourists will not skip Sapporo as one of the destination places in their tour packages. Sapporo as the capital of Hokkaido prefecture, can be easily reached by air through Haneda Airport in Tokyo. Upon arrival at New Chitose Airport, Sapporo, you can use the train to reach the city centre. This largest city in Hokkaido is well known for its Sapporo TV’s Tower. The tower which has about 147 meters in height looks very elegant and such a great place to see Sapporo City from the top of the tower. From Sapporo TV’s Tower, Odori Park can be visited as one of the park which will pamper you to enjoy this lush big city. This big park separates Sapporo City into North and South areas. Also, do not forget to visit the Former Hokkaido Government Office Building which will make your city tour more fun. This typical red brick wall building is an important mascot Sapporo city. Formerly as an administration building, it is now opened as a museum for publics. Finally, Sapporo Clock House or Clock Tower is a spot you must visit also. As a witness of the history, established in 1878, Clock Tower is a museum showing the development progress of Sapporo city to nowadays.

Mount Usu

Satisfied enjoying Sapporo city tour, Mt Usu is a volcano the tourists must visit also,especially for those who want to see the beautiful natural scenery. To reach this mountain, you can go by train or bus. The bus fare is much cheaper than the train’s, but it takes about two hours and a half to get there. The active mountain and its volcanic eruptions, which turn into the unique tourist attractions, can be found here. Usuzan – so the locals call Mt Usu, offers the tourist activity you can do, in the form of a gondola traveling. With a cable car ride, tourists can enjoy the journey through the top of volcano, up to Lake Toya, a beautiful serene lake which is suitable for seclusion and relaxing in hot spring (Onsen).



Moving from Usuzan and Lake Toya, the next tourist site that should not be skipped is Noboribetsu. Noboribetsu, only about 58.4 kms away from Lake Toya, can be reached within less than an hour by car. Actually it is included in Shikotsu-Toya National Park area. In Noboribetsu, there is a Jidaimura Date – a shogunate (Edo city in days back of the Tokugawa era) – themed playground, which is full of the history of popular Japanese culture. Ninja, Samurai, and Oiran are rhe unique drama attractions here. There is also Noboribetsu Bear Park, a brown bear conservation area. This place has more than 200 brown beasr, you can directly observe the life of those mammals. There is also a Bear Museum for another option to visit.

If you want the convenience and best experience to visit Hokkaido, Flocations Singapore provides travel packages to Hokkaido which the details you can get here. Find the tour package you wish and enjoy the unforgettable vacation experience in Hokkaido!

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Enjoying The Serenity In Derawan Islands

As an archipelago, Indonesia has a number of fantastic islands. 13 thousand islands approximately scattered across the nation have the potentials to become tourist destinations during holiday seasons. One of the pristine islands and worth visiting is Derawan Islands in East Kalimantan. Complete with available cheap vacation packages for local and foreign tourists, Derawan Islands offer the exotic natural attractions you can not miss.

Derawan Islands are arguably very unique. To reach these islands which are in Berau district, you need to take at least three transport pathways, namely land, sea, and air. The journey from Borneo to Berau district must be taken by flight for 30 minutes. From the airport, there are available rental cars or taxi to reach Berau port. Well, from here, you still have to take the sea route to Derawan Islands. The trip to Derawan Islands is long and tiring, but it is worth the charm of natural beauty and tourist attractions you can find. Especially if you take the cheap vacation packages to Derawan Islands, then the greater the joy you can get. Arriving in Derawan Islands, there are at least 4 major islands you must visit while while visiting these islands, they are Derawan Island, Maratua Island, Charitable Island, and Kakaban Island.

Derawan Island

Derawan Island is a paradise for snorkeling and diving lovers. There are many snorkeling and diving spots that can be visited here, plus its equipment rental services. There are also many inns and homestays belonging to the local resident. For those of you who love the charming lives of fishing villages which are still beautiful and far from the noisy tourist commercial, then exploring small villages in Derawan Islands is the right choice.

Maratua Island

Maratua is a crescent-shaped island filled by several small islands. It seems that the landscape is not comparable to another beauty of other places. The main purpose of tourists coming to this island is for diving and seeing the marine life that is very varied and interesting. A large number of colorful fish and widespread coral reefs are not less interesting than other tourist marine parks in Indonesia.

Sangalaki Island

Sangalaki Island can be reached within2-hours sea journey from Maratua. The island is known as an exotic place to watch the Manta Ray or Stingray Fish Giant. Various diving spots in ths=is island allow the divers encounter with the giant fish. Visiting Derawan Islands would be incomplete without a visit to the Green Turtle Breeding in this island. This breeding is managed by the World Wildlife Fund Indonesia and in cooperation with BKSD. If lucky, you can come to see the turtle kids being released to the sea at night.

Kakaban Island

The next destination is Kakaban, approximately 1 km from Sangalaki Island, having the unique lake attraction that has popularly worldwide. In the midst of Kakaban, there is brackish water lake that stores a variety of evolved marine animals, like no stinging jellyfish and algae (functioning as the carpet at the bottom of the lake).

To ease your holiday to Derawan Islands, Flocations provides cheap vacation packages to Derawan Islands here. Find the tour package you want and make every holiday moment in Derawan Islands memorable one!

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Indulging Your Shopping Desire In the World Fashion Centre, Paris!

paris photo

When you take the tour packages around Europe, Paris is sure to be one of the city you want to include in your traveling plans. Paris, known as the world fashion centre is one of the best destinations in Europe that can satisfy your shopping desires. Beside Eiffel Tower and its various art museums, the sensation of shopping in this city also attract the attentions of millions tourists each year. Yes, you could say everyone can find his/her favorite items in this city. Everything is available in a variety of up-scale boutiques to the flea markets. If you are interested in exploring the shopping centres in Paris, make sure you visit this following recommendations from Flocations.

Marché aux Puces de St-Ouen

Marché aux Puces de St-Ouen is popularly known as the largest and oldest flea market in the world. This is not surprising, seen from its wide area which reaches 7 acres with more than 3,000 sellers. Located in the northern suburbs of Paris, about 6.6 kms away from the center of Paris, it has been there since the late 19th century. The building structure of Marché aux Puces de St-Ouen is quite neat. The shopping areas are grouped based on the goods that are offered. Malassis Market, that sells toys, cameras and vintage furniture, is located at the main street of rue des Rosiers. Dauphine Market sells furniture and ceramics, while Biron Market sells lamps, furniture, and art items, and Vernaison Market sells clothes, frames, books, and kitchen appliances. There is also an area called Paul Bert Market which sells antique furnitures from the 19th and 20th century, as well as Lecuyer Market which is a specialist of the household goods. If you are interested in exploring this area, come on Monday morning to avoid the long queues. In addition, it is also a good idea to ask a friend who can speak French to get buy things at the low prices while doing the bidding process.

Boulevard Haussmann

Different with Marché aux Puces de St-Ouen, Boulevard Haussmann is located in the centre of Paris as a home district of various famous boutiques, like C&A, H&M, Zara, Mango, Benetton, Uniqlo, and many more. Like the most buildings in Paris, Boulevard Haussmann building is arranged so artistically that it can make you feel at home while shopping in this place. The famous Galeries Lafayette also has a place in this district. Galeries Lafayette building that has been established since 1912 is arguably the most striking and magnificent among the others. Not far from Galeries Lafayette, you can shop at Printemps Department Store, where there are up-scale products, such as Alexander McQueen, Prada, Louis Vuitton, and Red Valentino. All the items you are looking for can be easily found in Boulevard Haussmann, ranging from women’s clothing, men’s, and children, to household goods.

La Vallee Village

Alternative shopping area in Paris that has a row of famous boutiques is La Vallee Village. This place is pretty close to Disneyland Paris. Here you can find many famous boutiques, such as Guess, Jimmy Choo, Kenzo, Longchamp, Givenchy, Michael Kors, and Tod’s, ready for your visit. This outdoor mall concept pretty often gives a discount to each visitor who shops here. In addition,, you can also spend the time at the various cafes, art gallery, and game area for children.

Champs Elysées

Your shopping tour in Paris would be incomplete without a visit to the Champs Elysées. This2 kms road is the most popular highway in the world. Clothes shops renowned for their affordable prices, such Zara, GAP, Sephora, and Virgin Megastore, can be found along this road. Upscale boutiques such as Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Hugo Boss and Louis Pion also add the hubbub of this area. Once satisfied shopping, you can walk along the Champs Elysées and visit the other interesting tourist spots, like Arc de Triomphe, Grand Palais, Théâtre des Champs Elysées, and Lido Cabaret.


If you think there are no cheap stuffs in Paris, you are wrong. You can find used items at affordable prices, ranging from 2 Euros only, in Guerrisol. This shopping place which is located in Paris, 19 Avenue de Clichy provides a variety of your clothing needs. Indeed, the offered goods are not up-to-date like the hi-class ones. However, if you keep seeking in every rack of clothing there, you may likely find something interesting and suit your fashion style.

Ready for spending your money in Paris? Well, find the suitable travel packages to Paris in Flocations as you wish and be prepare yourself for shopping in Paris!

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