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Exploring The Beautiful Foreign Beaches

The beach area has become a favorite tourist destination for a long time. No one knows since when human beings have found the beaches not only for fishing, but also good for refreshing, relaxing, playing and having fun. For those

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Must Things To Do For Holidays In Phuket

Vacationing abroad does not have to be expensive. Currently,there is a lot of cheap tour packages for vacationing abroad with tourist destinations which are also as interesting as the expensive tour packages. For those of you who crave for cheap

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Revealing History By Exploring Museums In Jakarta

Hearing the word of Jakarta, you may immediately imagine the long traffic jams haunting all the areas of this city. However, formerly known as Batavia, Jakarta is still popularly visited by the tourists who are curious about the attractiveness of

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Exploring The Unspoiled Beaches In Bali

Bali is probably the most popular tourist destination in Indonesia. Called as the Island of The Gods, Bali has become a favorite for many local and foreign tourists. For them, Sanur and Kuta Beaches are the main tourist destinations in

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Fun Things To Do For Free In London

Traveling to London is an excellent choice for holiday. Whether traveling alone with backpacker style or going with family, London provides a large number of very attractive tourist site. As one of the major cities in UK, a developed country,

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