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  • Berwisata ke Bali
    Minimal 2 orangs
    Kegiatan termasuk Sports and Adventure
    Termasuk Hotel Transfer and Meals
    Jangka waktu perjalanan Every day from Juni 8th, 2014
  • Bali Aqua Diving

    Bali Aqua Diving

    Bali Aqua is a 5 Star PADI Dive Center which offers daily trip around Bali, safari around Bali island and snorkeling tour and PADI dive courses.

  • Pilihan Penerbangan

  • Hotel-hotel dalam Paket Wisata

    • Diving trips require a minimum of 2 persons booked & 3 persons booked for Nusa Penida trip – please ask for availability.

    • The Dive trip prices include:

      • Free pickup & return in Denpasar, Sanur, Kuta, Legian, Seminyak & Nusa Dua area

      • Land & sea transport to the dive site

      • Diving with 1 PADI dive leader for max. 4 divers with Tanks and Weights

      • Lunch, refreshment & mineral water

      • Using towel

      • Insurance

    • Notes:

      • Complete set of Diving equipment is available for rent at US$ 20/person/day

      • Underwater Camera is available for rent at US$ 25/day

      • Optional extra dive is US$ 30/person/dive (minimum 2 divers)

      • Night dive is US$ 40/person (minimum 2 divers)

      • Nitrox is free for Nitrox certified, but may not be available in some areas

      • Snorkelers or non divers are always welcome to join the trip at published snorkeling prices

      • Diving Nusa Penida island needs minimum 3 divers

    • Reason to dive here : From sanur, these divesites are easy to get to, with perhaps the best combination of ease and quality available. From sharks to turtles, sea-horses and ghost pie-fish, there is a lot to find here, and the pleasant conditions make for a lovely day trip!

    • Type : Reef, wall, wreck, muck

    • Access : 1 hour drive from Sanur, 10 minutes in traditional boat. Backwards roll entry

    • Coral/bottom : Reefs, sand, coral blocks

    • Marine life : Reef-fish of all kinds, chance of turtles, sharks, rays, sea-horses, morays, pipefish

    • Current/conditions : Weak

    • Visibility : 10m – 25m

    • Depth : 5 – 25m

    • Experience level : Beginner to advanced

    • Photography : Macro, snapshot

    • Key information :

      • bring a towel, sunscreen, sunhat

      • bring waterproof shoes (flip-flops/sandals) for the beach and boat

      • all valuables can be left in the car, bring anything you like

      • we change in the restaurant, and in wetsuits take a short boat ride to the divesites

    • Description :

      • Blue Lagoon : Accessible in a few minutes from the beach, the shallow sandy bottom slopes slowly off, while the reef also has a wall. With a nice amount of hard and soft coral, the marine life is also interesting from sand-dwellers, pipefish, sea-horses, to puffer fish, sometimes sharks and even the occasional Manta ray!

      • The Ferry Channel : This divesite is near where the ferry for Lombok leaves, in the main channel at Padang Bai. The gentle slope leads the divers around the corner to the Tanjung Sari dive site, and during the dive you have a good chance to see white tip reef sharks, and pygmy sea horses.

      • Pura Jepun : Past Blue Lagoon, to the North, this dive site starts quite shallow and slopes off to about 24 metres. The sandy bottom has small blocks of corals, and apart from many types of reef fish, you can find crocodile fish and mantis shrimps. The Tanjung Sari dive site nearby, with a wall and a reef on a sandy slope. It’s full of small marine life, like scorpion leaf fish, nudibranches as well as sharks turtles and Octopus.

Jadwal Perjalanan

Hari 1: Padang Bai

Pickup in Sanur at 07:30 to meet at Bali Aqua, start time 08:00. After 1 hours drive through Balinese forests and tiny villages to Padang Bai, you get changed at a dive-base near the beach, and get the boat from the beach – approx 10 minutes to the dive-site. Back to the beach for lunch, then the second dive. After a shower and short relaxation break, arrival in Sanur is at about 2:30 for refreshments and filling out log-books.

Hari 2:

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Bali Aqua Diving

Jalan Sekarwaru No.1, Sanur - Bali 80228 - Indonesia

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