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Flocations now valuated at 1.6M in a combination of cash and fruit | Silicon Straits

Wah, EXTREME RATE! I think I will close shop on 4th of May and show up at JFDI, see if anyone wants to buy Flocation shares. If not, I will offer them S$1,000 for 5% and if they want to counter offer, maybe I will also throw in lifetime supply of fresh vegetables lah. Steady bom pi pi!

Silicon Straits did a wonderful piece on us that I could hardly comprehend. Apparently, Google translate does not do Hokkien so I had to ask a few people to interpret and the news is good! Silicon Straits has just made an investment counter-offer to Angel’s Gate with an attached 1.6M valuation… plus we get free vegetables for a lifetime!

Our value is proven one more time… now with free veggies for life!!! The team is very excited as we are all starting to develop a rare form of nerd scurvy and we can’t afford to lose any more teeth.

For the lifetime supply of vegetables Silicon Straits has offered, it would amount to $1/day per person and would accumulate to $4/day to support the founding team.
We are around 30years old, hence we still have around 55 years to live so 55 is now defined as our “lifetime”.

55 years * 365 days per year * $4 per day for veggies = $80k Investment
at 5% that’s a 1.6M valuation!!!

Thanks for boosting our Valuation, Silicon Straits, the team cordially accepts your offer and are eagerly anticipating their daily ration of fruit.


The Team.

WIT – WEB IN TRAVEL : HED Flocations maps a new approach to flight booking

Flocations is slick and the map interface delivers immediate visual impact. The idea, Cornu said, is to create an interface that helps to “inspire” leisure travelers by providing them with a price ceiling and destinations.

Our main man, Florian, did a little email interview with WIT. The article gives the viewpoints of two people; a traveler and a UI designer. While the traveler likes Flocations and uses it, the UI designer is not too sure of how well it will do in the long run for several reasons but one thing he mentions are user’s capacity to use a new UI in a vertical that hasn’t had innovation in decades. I guess the best example I can use to rebuttal that is our good friends Hipmunk.com. ‘Nuff said :)

Flocations is here to innovate and get you to your travel adventure quick.

Flock on!


Quick discussion with e27.com

If you have been bitten by the travel bug like I had, you’ll know that finding and booking airplane tickets within your budget range is a pain. And I’m not only talking about the amount of choices you have to go through to find them. I’m talking about how you do it.

via e27.sg

Did a quick interview with e27.com over email and they were kind enough to blog about us even though we didn’t give them too much info to work with. Hopefully we can have a full interview soon once we have a few more features on the product!