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Flocations partners with NFC to increase fertility rate in Singapore.

Singapore, April 1st, 2013 – In its latest effort to stimulate population growth, Singapore’s National Family Council submitted a proposal to the Singapore parliament to effectively create the first “Baby Mooning Travel Grant” program in the world aimed at accelerating population growth. Grants could be up to S$6,900 per couple per year, allowing couples to go to romantic places like the Maldives, India or the Philippines while enjoying the peace of luxury resorts.

The method has been proven based on parents’ interviews and doctor’s consultations. “After trying for months to get a baby while we were hard working in Singapore, my wife got pregnant during a weekend getaway in Thailand. I now recommend travelling to all my friends looking to make mistakes” said Mr. Li, a financial planner, who was part of the interviewees.

This innovation is supported by, the company that named the “hottest travel startup” in Singapore. Flocations will launch a dedicated site for couples to choose the best travel package holidays for their “baby makin’” needs. Doctors will also be made available to help couples in their choice of destinations with clinically proven hotspots.

Since its inception, Flocations brings innovation to the travel space. Our goal is to help anyone find their getaways in seconds. Young couples having a hard time getting a baby was one of the most interesting niche we discovered through our lean customer development process. Serving them as always been on our roadmap” commented Florian Cornu, Co-Founder of Flocations.

The Singapore low fertility rate is a national issue on the island, with one of the lowest rates in the world, at just 1.2 children born per woman. Through a $1.3 billion program, Singapore targets to increase it to 1.42013. “We are delighted to be part of this innovative partnership to help the National Family Council in their mission to give us money in exchange for babies” said Tudor Coman, VP of Business Development at Flocations.

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Compare Travel Packages: Secures SGD 700,000 Pre-Series Funding Led by TNF Ventures

Funding to Integrate Hotel and Flights Search by Price


SINGAPORE – December 11, 2012 – “Where can I go for $200 this weekend?” Flocations Pte. Ltd., a popular online travel discovery tool, helping travelers answer that question, closed a pre-series round of funding, raising SGD 700,000 led by TNF Ventures. The investment is supported with additional capital from SingTel Innov8 and Singapore-based business angel Ben T Ball. finds getaways and short-haul breaks for travelers in Southeast Asia, in a fun and interactive way. presents users with an interactive map comparing travel options based on price rather than the traditional date and destination. The funding allows to offer a new set of innovative features, integrating both hotel and flights into their search by price methodology.

Tudor Coman, Co-founder at, said: “This is an extremely exciting step for Flocations as this funding allows us to launch our new feature set that combine both hotels and flights into one price, in addition to the continuation and finance of operations across Asia Pacific. This means users can search for a whole vacation just by putting in their price and also lets them discover places they never even thought of within seconds!”

Shirley Wong, Managing Partner at TNF Ventures, said: “Flocations’ targeted market of short haul travellers and their search-by-price methodology is what’s powerful. It changes the paradigm of traditional travel search and tries to disrupt the travel market by targeting a niche market.”

Flocations graduated among the first batch of 11 start-up companies from the JFDI-Innov8 2012 Bootcamp earlier this year. It was one of two companies to be earmarked for investment by SingTel Innov8 immediately following the bootcamp demo day.

“We are excited about the innovation Flocations will bring to the travel space,” said Edgar Hardless, CEO, SingTel Innov8. “Everyone loves a bargain and Flocations changes the way travellers discover vacation spots, enabling them to learn about places they never considered within a budget.”



Information For Editors


Flocations Pte Ltd incorporated in February 2012 in Singapore, where its operations are based. The company’s four founders are multinational, hailing from Canada, India, France and Singapore. For the first time, their online travel service makes search-by-price for getaways and short-haul destinations across South East Asia fun, visual and interactive.

TNF Ventures

TNF Ventures (TNFV), an incubator under National Research Foundation’s Technology Incubator Scheme. TNF Ventures, founded by key shareholders with backgrounds of entrepreneurs, senior corporate executives and venture capitalists are some of the IT luminaries in Singapore. With the belief that their combined knowledge, experience and contacts could make a huge difference to a burgeoning startup ecosystem, TNFV looks to contribute back to Singapore by incubating the next generation of entrepreneurs.

SingTel Innov8

SingTel Innov8 (Innov8), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the SingTel Group, is a corporate venture capital fund, with its own set of decision making, approval and funding processes. It has an initial fund size of S$200 million. Innov8 focuses its investments on technologies and solutions that lead to quantum changes in network capabilities, next generation devices, digital content services and enablers to enhance customer experience. It works closely with the ecosystem of leading innovators, developers, government agencies, R&D and capital providers to bring cutting-edge technologies and solutions to the various markets the SingTel Group operates in.

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Flocations wins Thack 2012!

Singapore, October 15, 2012.

Flocations wins Web In Travel‘s Thack 2012 for its Facebook App Friendly Planet Trips.

As part of the Web In Travel annual conference where travel industry leaders gather and mingle, developers were invited to use leading travel APIs as part of the Thack hackathon.

The Flocations’ team joined this Thack, developing Friendly Planet Trips in just a weekend. Friendly Planet Trips is a social discovery App were users can find out where their friends have been while browsing their travel pictures. Friends’ suggestions are one of the top criteria for travellers to choose their trip’ destinations, hence making it easy and visual to know which friend to ask a suggestion to really add value to the trip planning process.


Tnooz covered the event:

Flocations mentioned on Google Maps Mania

A bit thanks to Keir for mentioning Flocations on his Google Maps Mania blog, among many great other website using Google Maps.

Every day or so, Keir publishes a review of a site using Google Map, like seeing the Olympic Medals by country on a map here , finding the Golden Hour to take the sun there, or even art projects like Play me, I’m Yours.



Flocations Now Powers Air Asia’s “Discovery” feature on their Chrome Application

Flocations is proud to be powering the “Discover” on Air Asia’s Chrome Application which can be downloaded if you have Google Chrome Web Browser.  The Chrome Application can be downloaded on the Google Chrome Web Store.  If you are keen on Chrome Apps, you can also download the Flocations Chrome Plugin on the Google Web Store.

Apart from this simplified booking process, the AirAsia for Chrome app also features the Discover button where guests can search for available flight options based on the their budget. Powered by Singapore-based company, Flocations, the Discover button asks travelers to key in their travel dates and destination. Then, using the price slider, guests can see on the map all regional destinations they can fly to that are within their selected budget. By simply clicking on their chosen destination, they can proceed with their flight booking. 




The Team

1-click access to Flocations: joining the Chrome Web Store!

Flocations makes it easy for travellers to find their next trips. Today we’re adding one way to make it easy for travellers to find Flocations: Flocations joins the Chrome Web Store.

Flocations on the Chrome Web Store

Despite it’s simplicity (the App directs its user to the Flocations Exploration Map), it gives Chrome users (which represents 50% of our audience) a one-click visual access to Flocations from the homepage of their favorite browser. No more url typing!

Flocations as a Chrome App

This is part of our strategy of making Flocations available everywhere. We already integrated within, made it as a Facebook App, and more integrations are on the way (Do you have a site with an audience of travellers? Contact us!).

Hawker center foods for Indian


When I came to Singapore 6 years back, I had no clue what to eat, cos everything looked like alien to me. After sometime, i liked many food items and I suggested the same to my friends many of them liked it too. So thought of sharing the same as blog post.

On my first day in Singapore, I was not even able to enter the hawkers center. Because the smell is mixtures of all the different food items, which I was not used to it. After a week, I got adjusted to the smell. After that, I started my adventures with local food. Let me first tell you about my perception about different cuisines and then about different specific food items that I like.

Singapore is also famous for food. You have so many different cuisines to try out in Singapore, mainly, chinese, malay, indonesian, thai, western etc. The malay, indonesian, and thai food will be more close in taste to indian food. But in case chinese cuisine, it is much different than Indian cuisine. The main difference is, In Indian food, You will be tasting the spices rather than actual meat, but in Chinese food, you will be tasting the actual meat taste. 

Btw. For many foods, you need to take soya sauce and chilly mix. So you can add more spice to your food.

IMO the following food items resemble the indian food items. So you won’t be having surprises.

  • Thai food – red curry/ green curry/ , Pineapple fried rice, basil leaves rice, olive fried rice.
  • Chinese food – Fried fish soup, fried bee hoon, carrot cake [ Carrot cake - Initially, I thought it is made of carrot, but the white color of carrot cake confused me. But later, google uncle clarified me that the ingredient is  radish not the carrot.  ].
  • Malay food – Nasi lemak [especially punggol nasi lemak], ayam penyet.
  • Dessert, especially, ice kachang, bubur hitam, Bubur Cha Cha.
  • Local Snacks: tutu cake, old chang kee curry puff, pie kia .

If you like the above, then you can try the following too.

  • Chinese food – Chicken rice [esp. Hainanese chicken rice], duck rice, sliced fish soup [esp. piao ji fish soup @amoy street], porridge [esp zhen zhen chicken porridge @maxwell market], fried prawn mee
  • Korean food – BBQ saba fish set.

Btw, you water wont be served with food :-( , you need to purchase water though. But for some chinese/korean food, it will be served with soups. 

Btw, I have listed down the food items, whatever I can remember, there are many delicious food items other than these. 

Managing your next trip just got easier: Your Travel Wishlist has Arrived!

We have added the bucketlist feature to help you manage and stay updated on all the cool places you can go.


Sure, Flocations allows you to see where you travel dollar can take you, but because there are so many wonderful vacations to take, how do you manage all of them?

That’s why we’ve added this wishlist feature that allows you to save the locations that are interesting to you…  Just login with your facebook, click on a destination, and hit the save button.  Now, you can track that destination on the sidebar and access it directly whenever you please. 


But wait, that’s not all!  We’re also going to be extending the functionality of what you are actually saving.  This means that you will get personal notifications when an amazing deal happens for that location.  Flash deal, cheap flight, awesome hotel, you name it.  We target your preferences to get what you actually want.

Have a great trip!

The Flocations Team

Picasso redesigns Flocations – The new look in Travel


Hello Fellow Travellers,

The Flocations team is very excited to announce the launch of Picasso!

Picasso is the culmination of several graphical enhancements to enhance the user experience of how leisure travellers plan and book travel. Our initial hypothesis was that leisure travellers want a better user experience since the core interactivity on a travel site hasn’t changed for the last 15 years. Online travel agencies such as Expedia and Zuji have used an outdated search-by-destination experience to let users search for their next trip. This is fine for business travellers, who know where and when they need to go, but leisure travellers travel differently and should be able to search differently. Unfortunately, leisure travellers begrudgingly use the same system of search as business travellers.

What Flocations does is create a new paradigm for travellers: instead of doing search-by-destination we let users browse-by-price. This new category allows the freedom to have a very unique user experience that is both fun, fast to use, affordable and maintains a high level of user engagement to make planning as fun as actually taking a trip. 


You don’t have to do anything to access Picasso. It is now fully part of What did change?

  1. Aesthetics with nicer colours :) – No more Halloween colours! The reality is we have put in a lot of time to fine tune how the map visually represents data.
  2. Interactivity – we have changed our price slider to be dynamic so all of the destinations render in real time with visual representation of how close they are to your budget – no longer an on/off toggle if it’s in your price range. This really creates a fun element for the user to be able to interact with a travel site and it responds to your input in real time. Try doing that with Expedia, it will kick you back to the “thinking” screen.
  3. Picture Wall – once you click on a destination you will be presented with a wall of pictures. A big demand with our original prototype was to have more information about destinations. Right now we only feature some high quality pictures so people get an emotional connection with the destination immediately. However, we want to take it a step further: we plan to integrate your friends’ pictures that have been to that location, have hotels within your price range (price slider once more), activities you can do and book, snippets of information, special events, etc. – it will be your personalized travel magazine.
  4. Bucket List – We will add the ability to save destinations. Since we give people a plethora of new travel opportunities, we want to add them to their “bucket list” or “wishlist”. You can then not only share these with your friends to make planning easier, but we’re also going to be monitoring your preferences and warn you of any price drops with a personalized email.


Planning should be as fun as actually going on the trip. Unfortunately, it’s not. People get a lot of joy in daydreaming about their next getaway and actually being on that getaway. However, between those two there is a huge dip; planning and booking. We want to fill that gap with an excellent user experience and this is the reason Flocations is being built; to bring the joy back into planning and booking!

Hope you enjoy the new version and there’s plenty more to come.

If you want to reach out to us, we encourage you: [email protected] !

The Team



5 Things to do in Siem Reap

Siem Reap’s world famous UNESCO World Heritage Site of Angkor Wat probably needs no further introduction.


Visit the Angkor Wat





Siem Reap’s world famous UNESCO World Heritage Site probably needs no further introduction. The site is so big that you probably need to set aside an entire day exploring Angkor Wat. A tip for avid photographers would be to catch the temple at the breaking of dawn.




Watch the “Apsara Dance”.



 The “Apsara Dance” is the Khmer classical dance, the indigenous ballet-like performance art of Cambodia. According to Cambodian culture, apsaras are beautiful, supernatural female beings, who are superb in the art of dancing.



Chill out at Nest Angkor





The bar is one of the coolest hang-out places to be in the heart of the ancient city of Angkor, within Siem Real itself. Retreat to an haven that is not only a bar, but also a restaurant, a café and a lounge at the same time. Recline and relax under their comfy loungers and sexy beds on a beautiful landscaped garden, with music you can listen or even dance to (if you peel yourself off their temping beds).




Rent a Quad Bike





Explore the Siem Reap with by renting all-terrain vehicles, which can bring you from the lush countryside to isolated villages and in the process present to you a side of Siem Reap you probably have not seen before.




Introduce your taste buds to authentic Cambodian cuisine





Otherwise known as Khmer cuisine, Cambodian cuisine is one of the world’s oldest cuisines, and is regarded by many as one of the healthiest and most balanced. The key focus of Khmer cuisine is on simplicity, freshness and its infusion of contrasting flavours.