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We are a savvy bunch of young entrepreneurs who believe that if travelling is about the experience, planning a trip should not spoil it. Seeing travel search form limited to selecting a destination makes us sick. For 20 years, online travel agencies have trapped us in an ubiquitous way of searching for travel. We want to change this paradigm.

“Where can I go to Kite Surf next month?”
“I want a romantic weekend getaway soon. What should I do?”
“I just want to relax. I want to go away from this craziness.”

These are some thoughts from which a trip plan starts. We believe a travel planning service should match this thought process.

We started by doing an inspiration flight map. It looked like that, showing places accessible by flights from an origin airport for a budget:


To provide more travel information than just flight, we then expanded to travel packages, allowing our users to find flights, accommodation and activities, all at once, at the same time helping travel agencies to bring their inventories of packages online.


We aim to always keep our product simple, fast and fun to use so that we are an accelerator to you next trip.

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