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The niche soars at NATAS Travel Fair 2014

As expected by most of travel agencies, the turnout of NATAS Travel Fair continues to be attracting disappointed foot traffic. With almost the same traffic as last February, travel agencies are seeing significant drop in sales revenue despite all the jawdropping promotions and deals.

Natas Travel Fair 2014 February traffic and sales revenue

NATAS Travel Fair in February 2014 invited total of 54,275 visitors over the three-day fair. Estimated overall sales volume to be approximately S$80 million, lower than the estimated $85-90 million in February 2013.

One of the explanations for the drop of traffic would contribute to people starting to research online and approach directly with travel agencies. Another explanation according to Patricia Auyeong, acting CEO of NATAS, would be “… due to the many pre-NATAS fairs held throughout the month of February, which helped to alleviate some of the local pent-up demand for travel.”

During the NATAS Travel Fair, there are these 5 long haul destinations which top the list of niche places that travellers going to – Turkey, South Africa, Russia, Eastern Europe and Scandinavia.

Meanwhile, the usual popular destinations that people buy during NATAS Travel Fair would include China, Europe, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan.

If you happen to miss the travel fair, take a look at the travel packages that travel agencies still offering.

Turkey >
South Africa >
Russia >
Eastern Europe >
Scandinavia >
China >
Europe >
Japan >
South Korea >
Taiwan >

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