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Survival is about change

Travel agencies in Singapore might be doing very well. But that might be the past. I’m sure it’s getting harder to penetrate deeper into the growing travel market now due to the insane technological change in recent years in addition to SPH’s losses in readership.

We all feel that travel agency market has been shrinking. Well, you’re partially wrong if you’re not flipping the coin to see the other side.

The overall travel market is actually growing, but travel agencies have been following the obsolete model that does not grow into the bigger market - the online travel segment.

According to Google, 72% of tour package buyers are using online as their first source for more information. And from their record, there are 3 MILLIONS search queries related to tour package research.

Have you done anything to capture this market?

Check out the few articles below that I find truly inspiring.

Previously robust business models become obsolete

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Previously robust business models become obsolete