Flocations partners with NFC to increase fertility rate in Singapore.

Singapore, April 1st, 2013 – In its latest effort to stimulate population growth, Singapore’s National Family Council submitted a proposal to the Singapore parliament to effectively create the first “Baby Mooning Travel Grant” program in the world aimed at accelerating population growth. Grants could be up to S$6,900 per couple per year, allowing couples to go to romantic places like the Maldives, India or the Philippines while enjoying the peace of luxury resorts.

The method has been proven based on parents’ interviews and doctor’s consultations. “After trying for months to get a baby while we were hard working in Singapore, my wife got pregnant during a weekend getaway in Thailand. I now recommend travelling to all my friends looking to make mistakes” said Mr. Li, a financial planner, who was part of the interviewees.

This innovation is supported by Flocations.com, the company that e27.co named the “hottest travel startup” in Singapore. Flocations will launch a dedicated site for couples to choose the best travel package holidays for their “baby makin’” needs. Doctors will also be made available to help couples in their choice of destinations with clinically proven hotspots.

Since its inception, Flocations brings innovation to the travel space. Our goal is to help anyone find their getaways in seconds. Young couples having a hard time getting a baby was one of the most interesting niche we discovered through our lean customer development process. Serving them as always been on our roadmap” commented Florian Cornu, Co-Founder of Flocations.

The Singapore low fertility rate is a national issue on the island, with one of the lowest rates in the world, at just 1.2 children born per woman. Through a $1.3 billion program, Singapore targets to increase it to 1.42013. “We are delighted to be part of this innovative partnership to help the National Family Council in their mission to give us money in exchange for babies” said Tudor Coman, VP of Business Development at Flocations.

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