Angel’s Gate Media Summary

Well there you have it!  Flocations has made headlines once again by saying “No” to $250,000 dollars.  ”YOU GUYS ARE A CRAZY!” some may say, but we see it otherwise!  Commentary at the bottom.  Right now, here are some of the news we made :) .

The Televised Show:


This is the actual show that was televised on Channel News Asia on March 12th, 2012.

Behind the Scenes Footage:


In this clip, the Florian and Tudor discuss some of their “feelings” around what happened, what they’re going to be doing and selflessly promoting Google products.  


Some generated press from the local tech community.

Why Flocations turned down a quarter of a million from Angel’s Gate judges

We’ve worked on our company for almost a year, spending hours agonizing over the numbers and producing the best code. Why would we only take 15 seconds to make a decision that signs away a third of our company? (Formerly Penn-Olson):

Singapore Startup Flocations Shares What It’s Like to be on Angel’s Gate

Even before we tried to rebut the offer, the Angel said “you have 15 seconds to decide, go!”. 15 seconds!? To make a decision this big!? I think we wasted 5 seconds trying to compute the situation.

So thanks to everyone supporting our 4 cofounders that are busily working to get a product out the door.  We really loved the Angel’s Gate experience and encourage any entrepreneur to try out for it. 


The Team

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