5 cool travel Pinterest Boards

#1 When I Win the Lottery by Stephanie Nelson

This board by Stephanie has awesome pins of infinity pools, in-air dining pods, rice terraces and waterfalls!



#2 Cool Rooms Spaces by Riven

I can spend hours watching bathrooms… and this board including infinity bathtubs and outdoor ones is definitively an inspiring one!



#3 Getaways by Kamari Copeland


Kamari includes pins of great hotels and views, like see-through kayaks, super-slides, polar lights and elephants!


#4 Travel Plans by Christine Amber


Christine pins inspiring landscape and city views in her Travel Plans. She even has a view of the mountain close to my native city (Chartreuse in France)!


#5 Travel Dreams by Andrea Hotop


Andrea’s pins include the beautiful Amanpulo beach in the Philippines, a dream pool on the French Riviera, a sofa in the Maldives and and kayaking in Japan.



#One more board: Hammocks

Another board by Stephanie (see the “When I Wine the Lottery” above) focusing on hammocks! Anyone does not love hammocks?



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