Nice App! Use Photosynth to take Panoramic Pictures on your trips!


Let’s face it; large, bulky, DSLRs and even point and shoots are starting to become a hassle to carry around as an extra device when travelling.  When taking those quick weekend vacations or even the long ones around the region, I have realized that ditching that camera is a huge stress reducer (no more worries about being stolen or simply forgotten at the makan place) and more convenient and way more fun.

Right now, I’m on the iPhone4. The camera is great, I can perform modifications (cropping/adjusting) on the fly, I can apply emotional imperfections using instagram, and most importantly, upload my shots to social networks on the go!  

Today, I have luckily stumbled upon another photo tool for my phone to bring my camera pictures to a whole new level.  Microsoft’s Photosynth (free in the appstore) allows you to take panoramic pictures in a super easy to use, light-weight application. Even more impressive, is that these panoramic shots are depth senisitive (in other, words, 3d, you can move around the picture using  But for today, we’re only going to get into the regular panoramic pictures. Did I mention it was free?  Here’s an example of the interactive pano capabilities:

Here’s what the app CAN do, but I mostly use it for flat panoramic pictures.

Okay, the interactive panoramics are fine and dandy, but I really enjoy using this app to put together standard non-interactive panoramics.  First, the app skips the foreplay; jumps right into the camera mode and asks you to snap the first picture.  Then, you simply have to move the phone around – in any direction or orientation – and Photosynth will take the pictures automatically (tip: move it slowly) to build the panorma.  Cool thing is you can move it up, down, left right, in any direction and orientation and Photosynth will construct the image.  Once you feel satisfied, hit the finish button ahd Photosynth will stitch the pictures for you in to one image which will be stored in your main apple photos application.  Cool huh?  You can now share it or save it.


Moving the green square outside of the border will make photosynth take a shot.

Now for fine tuning; access your photos in the photo app.  Photosynth puts the pics in your camera roll.  Open the newly taken panoramic and you will notice that it’s not a perfect frame shot.  Simply hit the edit button and crop away to your heart’s content.  There, perfect panoramic shot of that beautil Balinesean beach!


Photoshop of JFDI taken with low light.  Still good!

So ditch the SLR, grab your phone and start snapping some cool pics to share with your firends while travelling!  Make sure to send one to the flocations team after you discover your next escape.  [email protected] and we will feature you on our blog!


Tudor Coman




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