How to get Visas for Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam


Before starting my 1 week, 3-country vacation to Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, my partner and I (both Canadian citizens) had to get a visa for each country.  Below, I describe the processes and obesrvations we had to go through to acquire these:


Vietnam requires Canadians to have a visa.  It is noted that Visa on arrival are available but we 

decided to skip that process and visit the embassy in Singapore as we did not want to deal with this at customs.  

Caution:  Visa Office only open between 9 and 12.  

Duration: 1 week

Documents Required:  Visa Application form, valid passport and 2 photos per person

Fee: $80SGD/person

Process:  Bring the Required Documents and cash at the times of operation to the Vietnamese Embassy.  Receipt will be issued and the timing took 1 week on the dot.


The Laos Embassy is located at Goldhill plaza.  Google Maps has an inaccurate address when doing a search for the embassy so ensure that you make a call to get the right address.  The locations linked above is correct.  

Visa on arrival is available as we landed in Loan Prabang. The airport was quite small, and customs went quickly.  There is a separate line for Visa on arrival which seemed to be moving quickly, however, we decided to get our Visa beforehand at the Laos embassy in Singapore.

Caution: the general Visa Application form could not be located online.  There are some Laos visa forms for Australians and Americans, but I could not find a general one.

Duration: 24 hours, but they said they could do it in less time if needed.

Required Documents:  Applications Form, 2 passport photos, 80SGD


The easiest of all countries to get a visa; simply go the e-visa form (linked) and you can, surprisingly, create an account and then purchase multiple visas for you and your family/friends.  A surprisingly, quick and complete visa management service. 

Duration: 3 days max

Required Documents: passport photo that can be uploaded

Well now you know how to get to some beautiful but lesser known places!  Enjoy your time!




3 thoughts on “How to get Visas for Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam

  1. Tna

    Hi,About visa to Vietnam. The process are very easy if you going by plane and landing in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City or Da Nang. You can apply through, there you can apply visa on arrival and get your visa when landing at the airports. Fastest is 4 hours working time. It is recommend to apply 2 days before, since it is cheaper.

  2. voyageviet

    Les documents à fournir avec la demande: Remplir la formulaire de demande de visa (exemple de formulaire ici) 1 photo d’identité Passeport en cour de validation (d’une validité supérieure d’au moins six mois à celle du visa sollicité ) Frais de dossier (non remboursable), payable par chèque ou en espèces. Le frais est variable selon chaque ambassade, par exemple: à Bangkok: 50$, à Washington: 85$vietnam tours

  3. travelblat

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    Please stay us informed like this. Thank you for sharing.


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