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Open Door Policy, #jfdi2012

Dear Flocators,

Since we are now hosted for 100 days in the JFDI Incubator at Block 71, we invite any of our fans/en, if in the area, to drop by and see the Flocations team in action!  You can verbally harass us, bully us and potentially punch Venkat in the back of the head.  We’re okay with it, as long as the results motivate us to build a better product.  So drop by and give us some feedback!



20 cities where Flocations should be bookmarked by everyone!

We are delighted to announce that, as at today, Flocations gather flights information from 7 airlines, connecting 168 airports through 1,656 routes thanks to more than 4,000 flights a day. That’s a lot of flights that fellow travellers can browse in seconds to compare destinations and prices at the same time!

Answering the question “Where can I fly from $200?“, Flocations is particularly useful from the 23 airports from which it can cover more than 20 destinations inspiring fellow travellers to explore new places.


Our top 3 departure cities are:

Other popular international cities include:

As well as Ho Chi Minh City (31), Manila (25), Auckland, New Zealand (23)Taipei (22) and many more cities which are available from what we call our Flocations’ Destinations Density.

Indeed, with flights from all these countries, travellers will want to choose the currencies they are used to, so we show the prices in more than 10 currencies; just choose your favorite one!


That’s already a lot of possible travel for all our users, and we will be adding more data, better features during the upcoming 100 days during our incubation period at JFDI / TechStars.

Siri, the mobile travel agent


Voice activated everything! This is a video of Siri acting as a flight search agent for travel. The video shows very comprehensive amounts of data that Siri can process including checking arrival times for flights and also doing the actual flight search. Very interesting and quite useful for mobile users that know where they need to go. Love how everyone is exploring ways to travel and search more efficiently!

Back from the Black

After a gruelling 24 hour SOPA blackout, Flocations is now back to full functionality allowing travellers to FINALLY plan their CNY vacation! Thanks for not using any other travel service during this protest time :)

Have a great long weekend!

The Team!



Flocations is now part of the JFDI–Innov8 2012 Bootcamp!

Great news!

Flocations will be officially joining JFDI in their winter incubation semester to strictly work on Flocations and create a magnificent product!

JFDI is a Singapore based incubator using the techstars mentorship scheme;  100 days of intense product and business focus, mentorship, business assistance, etc., all for the purposes of accelerating a business to the next stage!  



The Flocations team is VERY excited to be selected for this incubation!

The Flocations Team