Travel Planning during Chinese New Year

Every year during January or February, Chinese people around the world celebrate Chinese New Year with their families. In the year 2012, the festive season starts on Monday 23rd January with two consecutive days of public holiday (23rd and 24th January).


While the traditional celebration of Chinese New Year involves staying home or visiting relatives, we like to take any opportunity available to travel. As most businesses and shops are closed in Singapore during the period, you have an additional reason to travel. To give you some inspiration, let Flocations show you a few places where you can fly to with a specified budget during this Chinese New Year.

Looking at the various destinations, you might want to give China, Taiwan or Hong Kong a miss as most people will be traveling back to their hometown to spend the holiday with their families. And if the remaining destinations like Bangkok, Hat Yai, Manila or Luzon does not appeal to you, simply increase your budget for more suggestions.

So start planning now to secure your ticket and hotel to enjoy a good holiday!


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