Thanks for loving Flocations!

Over the course of our launch, we have had some excellent feedback from our community. We’d like to show you some of the ones that make us look good (of course), and would like to say, from the whole Flocations team; Thank You, we love you too!

On Twitter:

“Best travel site ever” @osamaehgol

“The easiest way to book cheap last minute flights (and damn beautiful website)” @40square 

“Golly, I quite like this site’s UX. Cheap flights at your fingertips literallywith just one click. Bookmarked it” @brendalogy

“Flocations is now my first stop to look for inexpensive trips” @preetamrai

“@CSRworldtour is looking into #flocations to organize their south-east Asia #trips!” @CSRworldtour

Through messages:

“Wow guys, your site looks and operates better than Google Flights” Rick

“I actually benefited from flocations last Friday. I needed to get a flight back from KL and I found out an airline that I did not even think flew KL-SG – JetStar. I did get a ticket on that and made the trip.” Harish Pillay


Someone using Flocations. Photo by mengwong


We love to hear form you (even if you don’t like us!), let us know what you think about Flocations in the comments below!

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