Going to Penang, Malaysia: A Flocations experience

It was time to do some travel planning again when my girlfriend was pushing me to take some days away from Singapore (and my computer) together. Luckily, this time Flocations would save us the 4-hour hassle of searching for a destination and comparing prices.

In a matter of seconds, the Flocations map was showing us destinations to fly to from our airport (Singapore) for less than $150. I reduced the budget to $50, and among the six available destinations was Penang, for $42. We had never been there, the price was affordable, and a zoom on the map showed it was a small island with nice coastal areas. I love islands. I was sold! (she was too).


Flocations also made it easy to get a hotel: I just clicked the “search hotels in Penang” link, which sent me to Agoda with a wide variety of hotels at different price points within Penang.

Everything was settled in just a few minutes! Compare this with the long and frustrating process of checking AirAsia, JetStar and Tiger Airways’ websites I was used to… Flocations took my price considerations into mind and inspired me to a new destination.

I’m proud that we released Flocations!


And you, what is your experience with Flocations?



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