Welcoming Google in our playground!

Since Wednesday, many of my friends are sending me the link to Google Flights. Initially slightly upset to have such a big player coming with this product just two weeks after we released ours, I regained confidence while trying it.

Google Flights proves how relevant the idea behind Flocations is!
- Searching for flights should be fast (bye bye dear “we’re searching for results” loading screen.
- A map is indeed the best way to explore potential destinations.

Additionally, as people discover Google Flights, they see that it’s only showing flights from the US currently. For flights in the South East Asia region, travellers will use Flocations! We cover the three main low cost carriers around Singapore: AirAsia, JetStar and Tiger Airways; which gives us a pretty good coverage from Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok.

Indeed, we did not spend USD 750m to acquire ITA, a leading company developing flight search technologies, so, in comparison, we are missing some features and data, but our vision for leisure travel planning is quite ambitious and we’re excited to bring it to market.



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