What Next for Online Travel?

Product innovation in the travel space will emerge for the first time since the entrance of OTA’s in the late 90′s. When you look across the phases of the travel cycle – Dreaming, Researching, Booking, Experiencing and Sharing – the potential for innovation, particularly in the early stages of dreaming and researching is astounding. In 2012 you will see quite a few travel start-ups emerge that attempt to capitalize on this opportunity.

Okay so a bit similar to my previous post but this article highlights a few more things that are changing in the travel industry.
1. Mobile is going to be huge – Of course, our website is all done in HTML5. Sure we haven’t optimized perfectly for smart-phones, but tablets work beautifully. Doing this well on smartphones will have to be of course, programmed natively but Venkat is a rockstar so we’ll leave it up to him.
2. Deals deals deals! People still loving deals. We love deals too! Don’t worry, we foresee some amazing partnerships in SEA.
3. Product Innovation – This is our core strength. OTAs haven’t innovated in a long time and the user experience is lacking. We intend to fix this, of course.

By the way, any feedback that you have on Flocations, please feel free to send us an email info at flocations dot com.


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