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A hotel is just for sleeping. Check in, catch some Z’s, check out. Does that describe every hotel experience you’ve ever had? If so, we have to argue that maybe you’re doing something wrong. When the global financial crisis struck in 2008, hotels saw an enormous decline in customers, those seeking business and pleasure, and as a result, they nearly abandoned standard renovations and refurbishments. They spent nearly half a decade just waiting for things to get better, and well, the time has finally come.

People are hitting the road again. Flights are starting to fill up; hotels are reaching occupancy. Travel spending is back up to where it once was, and while that may sound totally irrelevant to your experience, it’s not! It means airlines and hotels are making (sometimes long overdue) improvements.

Around Asia, you can see a boom in the growth of budget air carriers as well as premium economy cabins. This year alone, more than five low-cost airlines have commenced operations with hubs in Singapore, Bangkok, Clark, Tokyo, and Osaka. That’s not scheduled to slow down any time soon. Some of the coming attractions include more of these affordable airlines opening in Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta.

If you’re looking for a more comfortable way to travel on longer flights without having to break the bank, you now have choices with the premium economy classes that are being offered by so many airlines. This trend started in the United States within the past ten years, and finally, Asian airlines are picking up on it. Singapore-Beijing was the first route with a guaranteed premium economy seat on Air China. ANA, the leading Japanese airline, has begun offering seats with extra leg room, better meals, and even lounge access in Tokyo.
Another reason why the travel recovery has been a good thing is promotions. There’s not a single airline or hotel out there not looking to give away a good deal. Whether it’s a sale on the new Thai Airway A380, the double-decker feat of aviation, (going on right now!) or a points promo to stay one night, get four free (seriously: it’s been offered twice this year from the Radisson hotel group), a little travel research can help you find some amazing deals. And sometimes you
don’t have time to search for those special deals…

Well, if that’s you, don’t hesitate to ask us at Flocations for some advice! Just send us a message on Facebook with your dates and your destination, and we’ve got you covered. We’ll send you all the news and deals we can find. We like to call it the Flocations Concierge, a totally free service just to thank you for checking out our blog and following us on Facebook.

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